Wood Belt – With Wooden Buckles under the spotlight

Wood Belt - With Wooden Buckles

Wood Belt

Sustainable Belts With Patented Wooden Buckles

Wood Belt is a Slovenia based brand who have literally carved out niche product in the sustainable fashion sector. They create belts made from a variety of sustainable materials finished of with unique, patented, wooden buckles. These belts scream individuality – unique, handcrafted, biodegradable and high-quality. These innovative modern classic products are made by a not-for-profit in Europe.

Wood Belt is a combination of enthusiasm, innovation, design, impact, craftsmanship, care, persistence, and more. Based on an impact design approach, the brand is trying their utmost to achieve a high positive impact on society and people and build a community of caring people.

Consumer Benefits

Our products are a unique blend of functionalities and advantages.

We are the only producer of patented wooden buckles in the world and some of belts (collections) are the only bio-degradable belts in the world.

Not Just Belts, Accessories Too

It’s not just conversation starting belts that are on offer but also a selection of accessories that will make excellent gifts. These include handbags made with wood offcuts and leather (sustainable) – and the wooden suitcase is uber cool – check it out here

All Products Characteristics:

• Lightness and a feeling of the wood’s natural warmth
• No metal allergens
• Airport friendly
• Create and personalize your belt
• Easy size adjustment
• Easy repair
• Universal size available to lower the retailer’s stock
• Modularity
• Wooden parts long-life guarantee

Wood Belt is an Impact Fashion Design based brand serving as a pilot project supported by Google.org. More information on impact design on www.fund2740.com



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