ICS Shoes (US) – Personalized Fitting Footwear under the spotlight

ICS Shoes (US) - Personalized Fitting Footwear

ICS Shoes – Personalized Fitting Footwear Specialists


Tailored Footwear Solutions for Individual Comfort

ICS Shoes takes immense pride in presenting an expansive range of footwear curated specifically for those grappling with orthopedic conditions like diabetes. Sourced from industry leaders, the shoe and footwear collection encompasses extra-wide, comfort, orthopedic, and diabetic shoes. The ICS team of fitting specialists collaborates closely with each customer to pinpoint the perfect footwear tailored to their distinct needs. Recognizing challenges such as swelling, bunions, hammertoes, and the necessity for foot & ankle braces, ICS Shoes acknowledges that conventional sizes may prove inadequate due to the unique characteristics of these conditions. For instance, broader feet may demand added width, and conditions like edema require meticulous consideration of size, width, and volume for optimal comfort.

Catering to Varied Needs Across Age Groups

ICS Shoes caters to the diverse needs of millions across different age brackets, providing distinctive solutions designed for specific orthopedic conditions and diabetes. Each shoe is intricately designed with the wearer’s well-being and comfort in mind, ensuring liberation and joy in every step. Regardless of age, ICS Shoes aspires to elevate the quality of life for every family member, transforming each step into a journey of comfort.

Diverse Styles for Men and Women

  • Athletic
  • Casual & Dress
  • Boots – Work & Casual
  • Sandals, Slippers, Boat
  • Easy Entry & Slip-Ons
  • Diabetic & Orthopedic
  • Extra Wide: 2E – 14E
  • Double & Triple Depth


ICS is based in the US – All of products are shipped from within the US, directly from the manufacturers warehouse to customers.

Contact ICS Shoes (US)

Contact ICS Personal Fitting Specialists to Help You Find the Perfect Fitting Extra Wide / Extra Depth Shoes & Boots.
Free Consultations from Specialists who have helped hundreds of people walk pain free. The Largest Selection of Extra Wide & Extra Depth Shoes & Boots.

Visit www.icsShoes.com

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