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The Cambridge Satchel Company US

The Cambridge Satchel Company US

We’ve grown so much since our beginnings, but our passion has never waned. Our pursuit of excellence underpins everything we do, as we remain committed to making exceptionally good quality bags that last a lifetime. Bags that can carry a lifetime of learning – of curiosity, creativity and adventure. It’s why we thrive in Cambridge, a city rich in history and culture, but ever looking forward, shaping change and driving progress.

A beautiful blend of old and new, that’s Cambridge, and it’s in our DNA. In all our bags you’ll find a taste of tradition, brought back to life with style, finesse and fun! Behind every design lies a story waiting to be told. Behind every bag, a story waiting to be written.

Why customers love to buy from Cambridge Satchel

  • We use ethically sourced 100% real leather
  • Over 80% of our products can be personalised with our popular embossing service
  • We are popular with everyone from bloggers to journalists and celebrities. We have been worn by the likes of Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Lady Gaga, and Helena Bonham Carter.
  • We offer global shipping
  • Free tracked UK delivery on orders over $250

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