Wood Belt Yellowstone Brave 317

Wood Belt Yellowstone Brave 317



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Wood Belt Yellowstone Brave 317

Wood Belt Yellowstone Brave 317



Yellowstone Brave 317

Sustainable Belt With Wooden Buckle.


  • Men’s belt, Women’s belt
  • XS, S, M, L, XL

An innovative and sustainable belt from the Wood Belt Yellowstone collection. All belt buckles are completely wooden without any iron or metal used in their fabrication – right down to the fixings. Only locally sourced wood is used with every effort made to to produce buckles from maple, beech or walnut cutoffs. This product features the Brave buckle and Braided Cotton belt material …Read more product details on the supplier site

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Wood Belt Fashion Accessories are supplied directly by Wood Belt US


About Wood Belt

Sustainable Belts With Patented Wooden Buckles

Wood Belt substitutes the metal, plastics and other non-sustainable materials commonly used in the production of fashion accessories with wood as an innovative, quality, luxurious, sustainable, circular and biodegradable material.

Wood Belt is a Slovenia based brand who have literally carved out a niche product in the sustainable fashion sector. They create belts made from a variety of sustainable materials finished of with unique, patented, wooden buckles. These belts scream individuality – unique, handcrafted, biodegradable and high-quality. These innovative modern classic products are made by a not-for-profit in Europe, focused on the human and environmental benefits as opposed to share value.

Wood Belt is a combination of enthusiasm, innovation, design, impact, craftsmanship, care, persistence, and more. Based on an impact design approach, the brand is trying their utmost to achieve a high positive impact on society and people and build a community of caring people.

Consumer Benefits

“Our products are a unique blend of functionalities and advantages.
We are the only producer of patented wooden buckles in the world and some of our belts (collections) are the only bio-degradable belts in the world.”

Not Just Belts, Accessories Too

It’s not just conversation starting belts that are on offer but also a selection of accessories that will make excellent gifts. These include handbags made with wood offcuts and leather (sustainable) – and the wooden suitcase which is uber cool – check it out here

All Products Characteristics:

• Lightness and a feeling of the wood’s natural warmth
• No metal allergens
• Airport friendly
• Create and personalize your belt
• Easy size adjustment
• Easy repair
• Universal size available to lower the retailer’s stock
• Modularity
• Wooden parts long-life guarantee

Wood Belt is an Impact Fashion Design based brand serving as a pilot project supported by Google.org. More information on impact design on www.fund2740.com







Wear And Stare US are proud to be associated with Wood Belt US as a preferred Sustainable Fashion Accessories supplier.


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Wood Belt

Wood Belt Not-for-profit contributes to replacing metals, plastics and other non-sustainable materials used in fashion wood as an innovative, quality, luxurious, sustainable, circular and biodegradable material.
Wood Belt With Wooden Buckle

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Wood Belt Yellowstone Brave 317
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