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Roland Mouret Indigo Gowns

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Roland Mouret Asham Gown

Roland Mouret Gowns

With its structured bodice detailing that radiates confidence and power, Roland Mouret successfully plays with the classic ‘straight across’ neckline of the Asham gown to deliver an eye-catching and dramatic, yet simple and sophisticated, signature dress. Sculptured from indigo double wool crepe, this strapless floor-length garment is the perfect statement gown for special occasions. From neat pleats at the hips; a subtle detail that gives maximum flattery, to playful ruching that plunges from the hips to the floor, exposing a daring slit, Roland Mouret’s indigo double wool crepe Asham is an absolute must for today’s sophisticated woman. See all Gowns See all Navy Gowns …Read more info on supplier site

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About Roland Mouret

Originating from a a French mountain village near Lourdes, Roland Mouret set out for a city life working as a model in Paris. After 10 years of city night life living, he moved to London, igniting a new flame; a desire to create a fashion collection. The brand was born with the The Galaxy dress, a timeless classic and signature piece still available today.

Decades later, with an artist that has a love for skin, understanding gravity, glamour and the female body. RM has countless red-carpet hits, big name partnerships and an eclectic range of products spanning fragrance, accessories, bridal wear and more. Roland Mouret is a thriving fashion brand, designed for all women.


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