Desigual Skinny flower jean trousers

BLUE Jeans EXOTIC Pattern

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Desigual BLUE Jeans EXOTIC Pattern

Are you one of those who think that a flower can change your mood for the rest of the day? Well, then you’ll love these skinny jean trousers with a slight washed/worn effect, embroidered with a small flower on one pocket and a triangle on the other one.Zip and button fastener4 pocketsFloral and triangle embroideriesSlight Washed/WornEmbroideries on the back pocketsSkinny fitLong trousers

Material: Desigual (US)

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Desigual fashion is created with aim of spreading happiness, print T-shirts and dresses that are bursting at the seams with Desigual energy and optimism. are pleased to have Desigual (US) in the fashion marketplace as a preferred supplier of Women’s Trousers. receives payments by way of commission on all purchases made by referral from this website.

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