Desigual Short floral dress

BLUE Dresses FLORAL Pattern

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Desigual BLUE Dresses FLORAL Pattern

The floral print that is on the left shoulder strap and on one side of the short flared skirt of this dress will give you the brushstrokes of colour that you want for your outfit. Don’t hesitate to combine it with any of your fashion accessories; you’ll see how it’s always flattering.Round neckFloral printEmbellishments of decorative rhinestonesShort flared patternWith straps

Material: Desigual (US)

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Desigual fashion is created with aim of spreading happiness, print T-shirts and dresses that are bursting at the seams with Desigual energy and optimism. are pleased to have Desigual (US) in the fashion marketplace as a preferred supplier of Women’s Dresses & Skirts. receives payments by way of commission on all purchases made by referral from this website.

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